Witney Carson

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Celebrity professional dancer, entrepreneur, model, fashion blogger and skin cancer spokesperson Witney Carson returns this September to the Emmy-nominated series Dancing with the Stars for its incredible 23rd season.  

You may remember the twinkling braces of a Salt Lake City teen, smiling from ear to ear after nailing her audition on So You Think You Can Dance. From there, Carson rose to all star status, grand jete-ing over to Dancing with the Stars, winning season 19 with dynamo dancer Alfonso Ribeiro and pirouetting her towards the finals last season with Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller.

Carson recently married high school sweetheart Carson McAllister on New Year's Day in hometown Salt Lake City, and together, the two have launched, an all-inclusive website showcasing her strategy of fitness, food and fun into daily life that allows her to excel as a professional dancer. Read her blog for insight into the life of this 21st Century professional or check out her newly launched Witney Shop, where you can buy apparel ranging from dance wear to beachwear.  

Carson is as driven philanthropically as she is professionally.  She is an active member of The Skin Cancer Foundation, an organization that supported her through the difficult treatment for melanoma.  She is open about her own history with the disease and relishes the opportunity to share her experience with various children's organizations and skin cancer charities to raise awareness and educate the population, youth especially, on proper skin and health care.  

Witney is partnered with Chris Kattan.

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