Maxie Jones

played by Kirsten Storms
Character Biography

Years ago, tragedy gave Maxie a second chance at life when her cousin BJ provided her with a heart transplant. Survivor's guilt has gnawed at her ever since, leading her to embrace life with an impulsive recklessness few can match. Plain and simple, Maxie's a bitch. But underneath that aggressiveness, there's a heart.

The Good

-Helped Officer Jesse Beaudry prove his innocence in the shooting of John Durant.
-Assisted Jesse in his investigation in the Roofie case at Port Charles University.
-Got a fashion dream job of working for Kate Howard.

The Bad and the Ugly
-Began an affair with married Lucky Spencer, and kept Lucky in the affair by faking a pregnancy and threatening to cut off his drug supply.
-Made a promise to Logan Hayes that if he got Lulu into bed she'd sleep with him, even if it meant cheating on her boyfriend.
-The death of her sister, Georgie.
-After miscarrying the baby she was carrying as a surrogate for Lulu Spencer, got pregnant by Spinelli and passed the baby off as Lulu's.

-Felicia Jones: mother
-Frisco Jones: father
-Mac Scorpio: adoptive father
-Robin Scorpio-Drake: cousin
-Connie Falconeri: daughter

-Samantha McCall
-Patrick Drake

Frenemies & Enemies
-Lisa Niles
-Lulu Spencer

Love Interests
-Jesse Beaudry
-Lucky Spencer
-Cooper Barrett
-Matt Hunter
-Damien Spinelli
-Nathan West

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Actor Biography

Maxie Jones on the ABC Television Network's "General Hospital"

Kirsten Storms joined the "General Hospital" cast in May 2005 as Maria Maximilliana "Maxie" Jones, Frisco Jones and Felicia Jones Scorpio's oldest daughter. The couple divorced when Maxie and her sister, Georgie, were young. Frisco left Port Charles and Felicia married Mac Scorpio, who became the girls' primary male role model. The Scorpios later divorced, but Mac remains a close family friend.

Storms' career began early, when a talent scout suggested that the then five-year-old join a children's acting class in New York. That advice led to her first television role, a recurring part on the ABC drama "Second Noah." After the series' cancellation, the Storms family moved to Los Angeles, where Kirsten landed the recurring role of Laura Cummings on the WB drama "7th Heaven" and the lead in the Disney Channel original movie, "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century." The film debuted as the network's highest-rated original picture and spawned two sequels. In 1999, the same year "Zenon" was released, Storms signed on to play the teenaged Belle Black on NBC Daytime's "Days of Our Lives." She held that role until 2004, when she joined the cast of CBS's short-lived drama, "Clubhouse."

In 2009, Storms was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in the category of Outstanding Younger Actress.

Kirsten currently resides in Los Angeles. She and husband Brandon Barash were married June 2013. They welcomed their first child in January 2014.

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