Played by Jared Gilmore
Character Biography

Season 3

For Henry, the price of magic has been all too real. With magic arriving in Storybrooke, Henry lost his birth mother and grandmother, Emma and Mary Margaret, as they were trapped in The Enchanted Forest. His adopted mother, Regina, struggled with her darker temptations now that she once again had the powers of an evil queen. Emma and Mary Margaret returned, but the conflict between his two mothers intensified even more after Cora was killed. He also learned that many of the adults in his life have lied to him, including Emma who had never told him the truth about his father, Neal. Henry continues to be the loudest voice for good and hope, but now he has been taken to Neverland by agents of Peter Pan, who has been searching for him for a very, very long time. But why?


Season 2

Clever, observant, and wise beyond his years, something about Henry has always seemed special. Abandoned at birth by one mother and adopted by another who was largely distant, one could hardly blame him for escaping to the fantasy world of his storybook. Of course, when he actually started to believe the fairytales were real, it would be just as hard to blame someone for thinking he was a bit delusional. That didn’t deter Henry, though. As brave as he is determined, he would go to any length to bring an end to the curse—even if it meant sacrificing himself with a poisoned apple. Now that the curse is broken, though, things did not quite have the storybook ending Henry expected. Torn between two different families, Henry may be the only thing that stands between the enraged people of Storybrooke and his adopted mother, Regina.


Season 1

Henry is a precocious 10 year-old boy who believes the inhabitants of Storybrooke are characters from his fairy tale book trapped in the real world by the Evil Queen’s curse. Turns out, he also believes that his adoptive mother Regina is actually that same Evil Queen. Given-up for adoption at birth, Henry has no idea who his biological parents are until, in an effort to break the curse, he tracks down his birth mother, Emma, in Boston and brings her back to Storybrooke, explaining that she is their only hope to restore things to the way they were. Imaginative and strong-willed, he is prone to ignoring the counsel of the grownups around him. Despite Emma’s skepticism, Henry’s belief in the curse is unwavering. Although he can be a bit stubborn, Henry truly is warm and considerate. He doesn’t want Emma to feel guilty about having given him up for adoption—he knows that she wanted him to have a better life than she had growing up—but now he’s asking her to stay.


Jared Gilmore on playing Henry:

"I feel that Henry's innocent imagination is the 'key' that unlocks the door between the two worlds. Reality and Fairytale. The book is just a another story to anyone else who reads it, but Henry believes it.

I relate to Henry because I'm 11 and also have a very good imagination. I enjoy making up and playing games in worlds with alternate realities myself."

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Actor Biography

Jared S. Gilmore has his twin sister, Taylor, to thank for his introduction to acting. Taylor enjoyed modeling and acting and put on shows for the family. Their parents decided to find an agent for Taylor and brought Jared along for the ride. When they met the agents, it turned out they were interested not only in Taylor but Jared as well. Many auditions soon followed.

As fate would have it, Taylor came to the realization that she liked riding horses more than acting and decided to quit the business. But Jared continued his quest, landing his first job modeling t-shirts and doing commercials. This led to roles in both television and film. He recurred in the series Mad Men as Don Draper’s son, Bobby, as well as in Hawthorne and Talkshow with Spike Feresten, and guest starred on Men of a Certain Age, Roommates, Without a Trace and Passions. On the big screen he starred in A Nanny for Christmas, The Back-Up Plan, with Jennifer Lopez, Opposite Day and Overnight.

In his spare time, Jared likes playing Xbox and computer games with his friends. He has two dogs, Cooper and Emma, a cat named Tiger, a rabbit named Benjalina and two guinea pigs named Ziggy and Zoey who travel with him from San Diego to Vancouver (where he shoots Once Upon a Time). Jared’s charity of choice is Rocking Horse Ranch—www.RockingHorseRanch.orgwhich helps youth and young adults who have suffered abuse, trauma, neglect and other hardships by pairing them with horses who have themselves been rescued out of abuse and other life-threatening situations. He is excited about being featured in an upcoming PETA campaign running in the fall of 2013 encouraging his young fans to make their animals a part of the family and give them lots of love and affection.

Jared says he loves all the new people he gets to meet through acting, and in the future he hopes to take on directing.


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